This application helps any player LOL (League of Legends) in times of jungle respawns.

For use it:  download and install in your computer..
To operate in parallel with the game, the user only needs to perform a configuration.
When entering a game, you have to access the menu “Options / Video / Windowed Mode -> Borderless“. It is important to check the “Borderless” to be able to run the application.
Then, some prints and the download link.
These are the tabs for each of the monsters respawn. As you can see to activate each of the counters just click the button Numpad 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 on your keyboard.
By clicking on the counters with the right mouse button you can open a small menu with some options:
  • About tab (Information how to configure the application).
  • Sound tab (Allows you to choose the alert notification time).
  • Tab Items (Allows you to choose which items you want).
  • Position tab (Allows you to select the site of the screen to shows the counters).
  • Exit tab (exits the application).

In this last screen has been activated “timer” when the wolves are available an alert is generated by the application.
Download: link

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