Cisco addressed a dozen and high severity vulnerabilities affecting the company’s RV series, SD-WAN, Umbrella, and other products.

Cisco addresses two vulnerabilities as “critical”. One of them tracked as CVE-2018-0423, fix a buffer overflow flaw in the web-based management interface of several RV series firewalls and routers. A remote and unauthenticated cyberattacker can cause a denial-of-service (DoS) condition or to execute arbitrary code.

Another vulnerability tracked as CVE-2018-0434 impacts the Cisco umbrella API. A remote attacker could leverage the vulnerability to read or modify data across multiple organizations. Nonetheless, the vulnerability exploitation requires a valid authentication.

This vulnerability is fixed by default and no user operation is needed to apply the security patch.

A researcher from Quintang Zheng of the 360 ESG CodeSafe Team reported a critical vulnerability that is affecting RV series devices. Three additional high severity flaws were also discovered in the management interface of these products.

Two of the flaws allow an attacker to remotely gain access to sensitive information and one can be exploited for arbitrary command execution, but the latter requires authentication.


Umbrella solution is also affected by some high severity flaws. Specifically, the Umbrella Enterprise Roaming client has a couple of weaknesses that can be exploited by an authenticated attacker to elevate privileges to “Administrator” ( see detailed technical information here).

High severity vulnerabilities are also affecting Cisco’s SD-WAN solution. Attacks can gain access to sensitive data, execute commands as root, and elevate privileges, but some require either local access and/or authentication.

Cisco informed customers that patches are available for serious privilege escalation and information disclosure bugs in WebEx, a DoS flaw in Prime Access Registrar, a privilege escalation in Data Center Network Manager, and two command injections in the Integrated Management Controller (IMC) software.


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